Knowing people is intelligence, knowing yourself is wisdom - Lao Tzu

People make the difference. For me, coaching means that you focus on the most important person in your life, namely yourself. Body and mind must be regularly maintained. I coach professionals who want to stand strong and balanced in life and work and from there perform and communicate optimally. 

Each coaching starts with an intake, in which we jointly investigate and determine what the coaching question is and if I can support you. We will, in 7 sessions on average, work together on your question. You determine the focus of each conversation. Conditions for the coaching sessions are confidentiality, safety, mutual respect and a pleasant atmosphere.


I provide a wide range of in-company training for management and employees. I am specialized in management development, teamcoaching with Discovery Insight, effective communication and interaction, stressmanagement and creating engagement.


About Suzanne

For the last 25 years I am deeply fascinated by the various aspects of psychology and worked as a psychologist, trainer and management consultant. My focus is helping individuals to find their own path to solving problems and achieving personal growth, based on their current situation and their unique personality and needs. In my coaching and training I use Mindfulness, positive psychology, Personality profiles of Insights, Voice Dialogue, EMDR and the insights and creative methods from Jungian psychotherapy. 

I have been working with a range of issues including increasing self confidence, reducing perfectionism, leadership development, anxiety, burnout, difficulties with life transitions or making major life decisions, dealing with work pressure and improving work-life balance.